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How to Handle Vendor Contracts and Payments

  1. Nicoletta Andrisano says:

    I have a doubt about a contract which I should sign as a wedding coordinator.I’ve proposed myself as an ON SITE WEDDING COORDINATOR OR PLANNER for wedding agencies who might get some DESTINATION WEDDING request from their clients. We discuss by mail about what coordination service might include and got a contract between me and the agency to sign. the Agency named itself as the coordinator and named me as “supplier”.I believe that the part should be between WEDDING AGENCY and ON SITE WEDDING COORDINATOR. Am I right? Secondly at the end for the contract, it is stated “EXECUTED BY ABC company” while actually will be totally executed by me. Is there any specific contract between wedding agency and on-site wedding coordinator? Is it right to issue a contract stating SUPPLIER instead of WEDDING COORDINATOR?

  2. Clarisa Guagliardo says:

    I have a question…. If I am just the person who is looking for vendors and presenting them to my client, then what stops the client from going behind my back and booking all my suggested vendors and saying they do not need my services?

    My client doesn’t want to sign my contract without seeing the recommended vendors, but if I provide that information there would be nothing stopping her from booking those services and never paying me.

    Also, even if she did sign my contract first, I would still then provide her with the vendor list and she could just take all my advice, hire all my suggested vendors, and then say she wants to cancel my contract and/or just never pay my invoices.

    How do I avoid this issue of getting cut out of the deal if I’m just the “middle man”?

    • Thank you for your comment Clarisa. You would not provide any work or recommend vendors until your planning contract is signed and the client has paid the deposit. As planners, there is so much more that we do in addition to recommending vendors. Things like budget projection and management, design, scheduling and attending vendor meetings, creating detailed timelines, managing the details of all the booked vendors, plus coordination of the event.

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