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The VIP Lounge (very important planner lounge) is a forum-based online community of wedding and event planners from around the world. Our community forums feature topics, advice, and information related to business, event design, wedding planning, and more.

Our low membership rates and payment options make the forum easily accessible for both new and experienced wedding and event planners. Sign up today and become part of the number one online community for wedding and event planners!

Membership to the VIP Lounge is only $6/month or $60/year if paid annually.

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Get Business Advice

Ask for advice related to the business of event planning such as marketing, branding, legal contracts, reviews from conferences, accounting tips, and more.

Connect With Other Planners

Becoming a member of the VIP Lounge connects you with fellow wedding and event planners from around the country and around the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and more.

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Get Planning Advice

Use the VIP Lounge to share and ask for advice on the how-to of wedding and event planning including working with vendors, creating timelines, managing a wedding, hiring staff, and much more.

what's included

Full membership to the VIP Lounge (monthly and yearly membership available)

wedding planning forum

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"a welcoming community for any wedding planner"

How do you achieve success as a business owner in the wedding industry? Surround yourself with a community that not only educates, but also supports and encourages you along your path as a wedding pro. The Planner's Lounge community is exactly that. From educational resources and words of wisdom to inspiring blog posts and more, Debbie has created a welcoming community for any wedding planner to feel right at home in!

Christina Farrow . founder, Aisle Planner

"you're the mentor i've been looking for!"

I was going through my email trying to find my to-do list when I came across the Business Success Checklist & Pricing with Confidence package purchases I made. Those packages changed my life! They relieved my anxiety and I have a path forward. I’m emailing this to show how much of a positive and amazing influence you are in our industry. There is not another website that I’ve seen that offers such comprehensive resources. You have been the mentor that I’ve been looking for.

lisa Sellman, CEO . Buzz Worthy Events, Inc

"we still use your recommendations 2 years later!"

Your business coaching consultation was SO amazing that we still use your recommendations two years later!

Rachael Roe, Owner . Signature Belize Weddings

"it takes the guesswork out of what you need for your business."

What I love about all of the tools you can purchase on Planner’s Lounge is it takes the guesswork out of the tools you need for your business. Every time my business grows I go back to the tools you can purchase and I find something new that will help me grow and stay on track.

Lisa DiBenettedo . Owner & Lead Designer

"one of the best decisions I ever made!"

The mentoring program with the Planner’s Lounge was one of the best decisions I ever made and it wasn’t an easy one. I worried about money and time and whether or not it would pay off in the long run. Having completed the program, I can look back and say “Yes!” it was totally worth it and I know I will continue to see returns on that investment. Debbie is an expert in the field and is also kind and patient so it feels like you are working with your friend. It was an invaluable experience!

Pilar Fitzgerald, Co-Owner . Pili & Talli Events

"one of the best decisions I ever made!"

I hesitated about signing up for a Planner’s Lounge course simply because I had a lack of confidence in my skills. My feelings now, after completing the course, are that I have far more confidence in what I want to become and how I want to project my brand as a wedding planner. It’s given me so much reassurance so that I can’t stop talking about it and referring to the course when speaking with other event professionals! 

Lisa Black, Owner & Lead Planner . L&L Events in London

"spot on suggestions for how to take my biz to the next level!"

I had my first coaching session with Debbie and I cannot say enough about how productive it was! Debbie offered spot-on constructive criticism, observations, encouragement, and suggestions for how to take my business to the next level. She was able to instill a sense of confidence in my work while giving me direct advice on how I can do better. I hoped to gain a sense of direction from our talk and I am already feeling incredibly optimistic with the guidance Debbie was able to provide! 

Elise Seagren, Owner & Designer . Revel + Bloom

Yes! The forum’s mobile layout works great with your mobile device. It’s easy to read and respond to topics with your phone or tablet.

I am a new planner. Will this help me?

The VIP Lounge is the perfect place to ask questions and gain valuable feedback from a large community of wedding and event planners. We can’t think of a better way to learn and grow your career in event planning.

Is there a trial period?

The shortest subscription we have is for one month. Give it a try today!

Do you offer a guarantee or refunds?

Due to the nature of an online forum, we do not offer any refunds. If you use the forum to ask questions, answer questions and connect with other planners, the value will be so much more than our low monthly rate.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, simply sign in to your PayPal account and cancel the recurring payment.


Yes, absolutely. You can still get all of the latest forum information when you sign in plus you have the option of reading forum content on your mobile device. You can even pick and choose which posts to follow and set email notifications when someone replies to a question you posted. 

How long has the forum been around?

We launched the VIP Lounge in December 2013. We currently have more than 160 event planners in our VIP Lounge with 600+ topics and more than 2,500 posts.

I have been in business for years as a wedding and event planner. Why should I join?

As an experienced planner, you may have learned everything on your own and become accustomed to working by yourself. The VIP Lounge gives you resources to connect with other professionals (both locally and from around the world) to share your experience, ask and answer questions, and learn new ways to improve your business.

Be part of a resource unlike any other with a community

of like-minded wedding business owners who share their experiences and ask for support, advice, and knowledge!

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