Personalized Coaching + Strategy 

for Wedding Planners

You have an intense passion for planning events.
The fear of failure is very real.

I’ve been exactly where you are.
I’m here for you.
Cheering you on.

Giving your 1:1 personalized guidance.

Helping you get to that next level.
Removing the stumbling blocks holding you back.

You’ve Got This.

Wearing every hat.
Feeling exhausted.

I see you sitting at your desk
after 10 straight hours of work. Spinning your wheels but not moving forward.

but Those dreams of success keep you going.

Why Coaching Is Key

Coaching unsticks the stuck places, helps you create and achieve your own version of success, and kick starts big changes and little revolutions in your business.

Coaching delivers so much value, and the value stays with you forever. It gets results every single time.

The one thing you want to be sure of is that you choose a coach or mentor who has achieved what you want – who are living examples of the specific successes you desire for yourself. If you aren’t sure whether I am the best coach for what you need, simply get in touch through email or phone so we can chat about where you are struggling and/or what your goals are. I’d love to hear from you and answer your questions.

My superpower is compassion. During coaching sessions, I listen to hear what is between the words you say so I can figure out what you really need. This allows us to talk authentically about ideas, slow down your thoughts, and reframe problems so that you can make decisions from a position of trusting yourself. I sometimes find that what you think is the problem is not the actual problem.

When you work with me, you get perspective, support, education, and inspiration from a coach who gets where you’re at, cares where you’re headed, and shares your desire to create a successful, profitable, and sustainable planning business - on your terms.

Owning 3 different types of businesses in the wedding industry over the past 14 years has given me a unique combination of experience and knowledge to draw from. The process of selling two businesses in this industry has given me a powerful perspective as well. In addition to my work in the wedding industry, I have a background in personal growth and self-development which enables me to get to the core of what is holding you back so we can move through it quickly.

Helping others succeed in their dream career of wedding and event planning makes my heart sing and fuels my soul. I am doing exactly what I was meant to do.

with 14 years and 3 businesses in the event industry, Helping others succeed in their dream career of wedding and event planning makes my heart sing.

why work with me

i'm debbie orwat

My philosophy

I meet you where you are at with business and life. You’ll never get any judgments from me.

You get personalized education, a confidential sounding board, encouragement, brutal honesty, and a healthy perspective for your unique situation.

I’ve had my fair share of ebbs and flows throughout my 14 years of running multiple businesses in the wedding industry.

If you are looking for a mentor who can help you get results faster and be your biggest cheerleader, I would be honored to work with you.

I love working with event planners (aspiring planners, new planners, and established planners) who have an intense drive and desire to learn and succeed.

You may be stuck or overwhelmed with where you are at and know you need an experienced coach on your side.

You are willing to work through your fears and do the work necessary to get to the next level, to start your own business, to take your business in a new direction, to get through a tough situation, or to reach your definition of success. 

Who I work best with

Common topics for coaching

Analysis of your website, branding, social media, and marketing materials

Creating an effective marketing strategy

Making your business more efficient with documented processes and task management

Strategies and resources for growth and expansion

Business launch techniques, advice, and tips, including planning and prioritizing tasks

Review and feedback on pricing, packages, and services

Timeline and logistics review for an event

Review and feedback on your sales and consultation process

General Q&A to answer all of your business or career questions

Work-life balance and setting boundaries with your clients

what they're saying

"She has taken me to a level that did not seem possible to me."

"Debbie has been a blessing in my life and will always be that special “Gem” that you want to have with you forever. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and focused primarily on your success. Debbie has guided me in such an amazing way to become a successful local and international wedding planner. She has truly taken me to a level that did not seem possible to me. I cannot say enough about Debbie. I am truly blessed to have her as my mentor and will continue to seek her guidance as needed." Hazel Burgan , Laa-Vision Events

"one of the best business decisions I have made."

"I hired Debbie for coaching and mentoring sessions, and it has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Working with Debbie has given me the confidence I need to grow my business, and I don’t think it would be growing at the rate it is now if it weren’t for her guidance and expertise. I’m so thankful I found Debbie and Planner’s Lounge. " Jenn Tansley, Owner Soirees and Revelry

"I can’t tell you how much of a difference your advice has made!"

"Thank you SO much for your time and insight yesterday! I can’t tell you how much of a difference your advice has already made, especially to my outlook and optimism for my business. I was really hoping to have a clear sense of direction from our talk and I absolutely feel that I gained that, so thank you so so much. I will definitely reach out about future mentoring sessions!" Elise Seagren, Owner Revel & Bloom

"mentoring program has changed my whole life."

"Joining the Planner’s Lounge mentoring program has changed my whole life. Debbie provides not only incredible insight and perspective on my business plan and approach, but also the inside details on the mechanics of how to start my own event planning business as well as the encouragement to get there." Elizabeth Restauri, Owner
Total Imagination Events

mentoring program

For detailed reviews about our Mentoring Program, check out our Planner Profiles which feature wedding and event planners from our Mentoring Program.

Personalized Coaching + Strategy for Wedding Planners

Email coaching is a quick and easy way to get one-on-one help for your business or for your career in event planning. 

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One (1) strategy session includes a preliminary review of your answers to our detailed questionnaire followed by a 60-minute phone coaching session with Debbie. 

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Mentoring includes intensive support, coaching, and professional guidance as you build or grow your business.

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the help you need


email power coaching

1:1 Strategy Coaching Session

9 Month Intensive Mentoring Program

email power coaching


Email coaching is a quick and easy way to get one-on-one help for your business or for your career in event planning.

You ask your question or describe your problem via email and get a personalized response and brainstorm in return. Responses are full of ideas and resources to help you move forward with your business and career plans. 

How it works:
1. Simply click the “START NOW” button below to purchase your session.
2. Email your question or a description of your problem or dilemma to
3. Once I have all your information, I will get started on a thoughtful and detailed response.
4. After my reply, you can ask any clarifying questions and I will respond with further guidance.

All emails are personally answered by Debbie Orwat, Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer at Planner’s Lounge.

Investment is $75 for One (1) Email Power Coaching Session

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1:1 strategy sessions


One (1) strategy session includes a review of your answers to our detailed questionnaire followed by a 60-minute phone coaching session with Debbie.

How it works:
Once you purchase your coaching sessions you’ll download a questionnaire where you share details about your business tell me the specific questions and topics you would like to cover. Once you email the answers to me, we will schedule our coaching call!

Prior to our call, I'll review your answers and look through your website (If you don’t have a website yet, that is totally ok!). On the day of our call, I will call you at the designated time and we'll talk through the topics you want to cover, questions you have, and anything else that comes up!

As a coach for wedding and event planners, I'm a completely open book about anything and everything. I am happy to share any and all experiences, resources, and knowledge that can help your business. When we are done, you will have actionable steps to take and a clear sense of what to do next.

Investment is $175 for One (1) Coaching Session

book a session

Coaching sessions can be used anytime within 6 months of the purchase date and are available during the day, in the evening, and on select weekends.

9 month mentoring

9 Month Intensive Mentoring Program

Based on your time and where you are at in your business, our mentoring program may be the ideal solution for you. Mentoring includes intensive support, coaching, and professional guidance as you build or grow your business.

Our mentoring clients range from event planners who are just starting out to experienced business owners who have been planning events for years. We accept a limited number of participants in our mentoring program and availability varies throughout the year.

Your Custom Mentoring Program includes the following:

1. Initial 20 minute get-to-know-you phone call where we discuss your business, goals, and history

2. Creation of a custom outline of your mentoring program, tailored to your specific needs

3. A shared document that we use together for notes and homework throughout the program

4. Nine (9) 60-minute phone calls with Debbie over the course of 9 months

5. Email access between sessions for questions and follow-ups

6. Access to numerous templates that are not publicly available on Planner’s Lounge

7. 50% discount on all Planner’s Lounge published products and courses during your personalized mentoring program (excluding the business license for the Complete Wedding Budget Guide product).

Investment is $1995 for your Personalized Mentoring Program.

Please get in touch to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call so that we can get to know each other and so that I can answer your questions about the program. After our call, I will create an outline of your personalized mentoring program to review. If you feel comfortable with the outline, we can get started on our work together!

If the 9-month program isn’t the best fit for you, we can customize a coaching package that fits your specific needs and budget. Payment plans are available for the Mentoring Program.