Wedding Planning 101

What is a Banquet Event Order (BEO)?

  1. Diya Studios says:

    This is very helpful information. . Thanks for clearly explaining it. It must be pretty tough to get all the items in order, such as contracts, guest list, seating, etc and also work with different vendors to keep things organized. I truly think the life of the wedding planner is greatly appreciated as it allows everyone to be less stressed on the big day. Thanks for sharing..

  2. I personally know it front to back and check it constantly. I do this with every vendor contract, guest list and bridal request. I like to have instant answers for my clients as well as the vendors I work with. It allows everyone to be less stressed and it just feels wonderful to be prepared. That’s what we do!

  3. […] all matters for bride and groom. This person will handle the set-up of all tables and chairs, manage the food and beverage provided by the venue, coordinate placement of wedding items with the wedding planner, handle venue […]

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