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Pricing With Confidence

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A comprehensive guide with templates and worksheets that give you the tools and information needed to confidently offer profitable and sustainable wedding planning packages and pricing.

This guide is ideal for both new and experienced wedding planners who want to understand pricing methods and techniques. This guide is also perfect for wedding planners who want to save time by having ready-to-use templates for planning packages, examples of website wording for event services, and a professional spreadsheet to rely on for calculating prices for weddings and events.

Get your pricing guide & templates today with actionable items from start to finish, tons of examples, & ready-to-use professional templates & wording.

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An 80-page comprehensive guidebook

This guidebook was written by Debbie Orwat, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Planner’s Lounge. The first half of this book covers everything to know about the types of planning services offered, what is typically included in each service, tips and tricks, ready-to-use planning package templates, and example wording to use on your website services page.

The second half of this book explains the various pricing methods used by wedding planners. We explain how each method works, how to structure client payments, when to raise prices, pricing considerations such as travel and staffing, and detailed explanations with examples of how to use the included Excel spreadsheet file to determine your pricing.

Ready-to-use planning package templates

The ready-to-use planning package templates are not your typical bullet-point lists of services The 15-page planning package templates are comprehensive and include detailed explanations of each task that is included.

Templates include Wedding Day Management Service (also called day-of or month-of coordination), Partial Wedding Planning (Hourly Based), Partial Wedding Planning (Services Based), Full-Service Wedding Planning, and A La Carte Wedding Planning Services.

Three Excel worksheets to calculate rates, event pricing, and expenses

Use the Hourly Rate Calculator Worksheet to guide you through the process of determining estimated amounts for salary, expenses, taxes, savings, and gross income. It also calculates the number of billable hours you can work per year and what your hourly rate should be.

Use the Event Pricing Worksheet to determine the amount to charge for each wedding or event. The worksheet lists typical wedding planning tasks and fees where you can enter the details for a specific event. After the details are entered, the worksheet will calculate the total price to charge for the event.

It is challenging to determine pricing if you don’t know what your business expenses are.
The Business Expense Tracker Worksheet includes a comprehensive list of typical expenses incurred by wedding planners. Enter your numbers to calculate estimates for annual and monthly expenses.

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what's included

15 Pages of Ready-to-Use Wedding Planning Package Templates in Word and RTF formats
3 Spreadsheets to use for Calculating Rates, Prices, and Expenses in Excel and Google Sheets formats
80 Page Pricing and Services Guidebook in PDF format

pricing with confidence

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"Now I can easily come up with a price that reflects my expertise!"

“I have always struggled with pricing my services and worried about charging too much or too little. Now, thanks to the worksheet and guide, I know exactly which questions to ask, and can easily come up with a price that accurately reflects my time and expertise.”

"extremely helpful for setting up client expectations!"

“I sometimes have a hard time putting pen to paper to describe everything my packages include, and this guide gives you the base you need to write out perfect service descriptions. This is extremely helpful for setting client expectations, which I know, as wedding planners, we all struggle with from time to time. I also really loved that throughout the guide there were links to helpful articles and an entire resource section at the end for more information.”

"i highly recommend it to anyone in the event planning field!"

“I highly recommend Pricing with Confidence to anyone in the event planning field. Confidence is key when it comes to setting your price structure and running your business. Now I can sleep at night because I know exactly what I do and why it costs this much!”

"this guide made everything clear to me!"

“Even though I send price points to potential clients before an initial consult, I still get super nervous that they will reject it or ask me to explain why it costs what it does. That makes me freeze up, and all of a sudden I don’t feel confident or know how to communicate why I charge what I do. This guide made everything clear to me. It gave me detailed options to build my custom planning packages plus worksheets to determine my pricing. Now I feel confident if a client asks why I charge what I do.”

The Pricing With Confidence product is fully electronic. After purchasing, you will receive immediate access to download all of the files to start using today.

When will this ship to me?

It works with Excel 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2013. There is also a simpler version of the spreadsheet included that can be imported into Google Drive or Google Sheets.


Yes, the files are compatible with both PC’s and Mac computers. After your purchase, you will receive a link to download a zipped file which is a compressed file that contains all of the included templates. Open the zipped file on your computer to access the PDF and Excel files which can then be used on your computer, tablet, or phone.

What format are the files?

If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. Click here to see the full table of contents for the e-book.


One-on-one coaching is the best way to get personalized professional guidance on pricing, profits, packages, and services for your wedding and event planning business. You can find more information on one-on-one coaching here.


The guide is written based on what is most common for wedding planning businesses in the USA. From our experience, many wedding planners around the world offer similar services and use the same pricing methods as what is used in the US. 

Planners from any country would benefit greatly from the information, pricing worksheets, and the package templates. There is a 7-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied.


Please save the product files to a safe location immediately after your purchase. We recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox for free online storage. You can also download the zip file and email it to yourself, then keep that email for future use. We do not reissue files or links for the Pricing With Confidence product.

When you have the numbers and knowledge from Pricing With Confidence

you can offer and price your wedding planning services with confidence while creating a profitable and sustainable planning business.

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