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  1. Mirannda says:

    This is amazing information! I am going to get to work on creating my portfolio!

  2. […] I really happened on a wedding planning career by chance. After 20 years teaching English as a foreign language and 2 years directing a teacher training center in Rome, we moved to Tuscany and teaching was just not the thing to do; it’s all about tourism. So I picked up a local newspaper and there it was: US company seeks Wedding Planner! I thought, “If J-Lo can do it, so can I!’ I went to Denver, Colorado, to train and from that moment on I started planning weddings. I have over 500 events in my portfolio, including 2 celebrity events and a wide variety of nationalities and cultures represented in my wedding planner portfolio. […]

  3. […] back, set it with amazing linens and décor that reflects your brand. Display real weddings in a portfolio, either framed, in a book on a screen or […]

  4. […] include links to your online portfolios and blog, especially if you have planned events at their venue! Once again, you are demonstrating […]

  5. Jillian S. says:

    Great information to have – one question: what is the value-add of providing pictures of industry events that you have attended? I do attend a number of networking events but if I’m not showcasing any work that I personally had involvement in creating for that event, how does it help the client with their decision for hiring me? Curious 🙂

    • Hi Jillian and thank you for your comment. By sharing photos of yourself at networking events or sharing inspiration from the work you are seeing at these events, you are showing potential clients that you are connected in the industry and constantly learning. This is very valuable for your business marketing.

  6. Amber says:

    This is something I need to put together! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Samantha says:

    Love this post! Going to be creating my press kit/portfolio very soon!

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