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Preparing for a Consultation with a Bride and Groom

  1. […] day is spent communicating with clients and vendors, creating wedding day timelines, scheduling initial client consultations and meetings, developing floor plans, blogging, planning my social media feed, pitching my previous […]

  2. […] an initial consultation with a wedding client, your portfolio gives you the opportunity to highlight everything that is wonderful and unique […]

  3. […] initial consultation with a potential client is exciting, nerve-wracking, and stressful. It can be easy to fall into […]

  4. […] example, responding to email and voicemail leads should be a priority. Creating proposals or finalizing a consultation with a potential new client are both income-producing tasks. Those types of tasks should be at the […]

  5. This is really helpful! I love the idea of bringing them a small gift! Thank you for sharing.

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