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5 Ways to Handle High Maintenance Clients as a Wedding Planner

  1. […] each wedding, we deal with a multitude of personalities, family drama, high maintenance clients, unreasonable expectations, emotional outbursts, and so much […]

  2. […] Do you feel physically and mentally strong enough to plan and coordinate a wedding with potentially challenging couples and families? […]

  3. […] You cried tears of joy when your least favorite client walked down the aisle because the end of your contract commitment to her was only hours […]

  4. Alisha says:

    This is so true! I learned the hard way my first year in business – never again!

  5. […] clients who aren’t your ideal clients, there will be some who slip through the cracks. Having difficult clients can take its toll mentally. It’s already a stressful job but when you have clients who add to […]

  6. […] planners and talk about topics that matter to us. My favorite topics of that day were all about setting boundaries with our clients, working with venue coordinators, and valuing ourselves so that we can teach our clients to value […]

  7. […] produce their wedding celebration.  With your favorite clients, this is easy peasy. But with those challenging clients, it can be a major commitment of time and emotional energy to see the event through to the […]

  8. Samantha says:

    Very great tips! Thank you.

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