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Transitioning from your Day Job to your Wedding Business

  1. […] at all. Are you just doing event planning as a hobby? Or are you trying to grow your business to a full-time income? Either way, write down your vision, how much you want to make, what kind of events you like to do, […]

  2. I am trying my best to be patient with my day job and just keep plugging away at growing my business on nights and weekends. Posts like this help remind me that it is a process and it takes time! Thank you!

  3. […] your situation, here are a few tips and things to consider in preparation for going full-time with your wedding planning […]

  4. Judith says:

    How do you handle the questions when you do have another full time job and is unable to meet with a client. I don’t want anyone to feel like they wont get the same quality service but I don’t want to lie either. (very frustrating for me).

    • Judith, this is a common problem to have when starting out. You can let the client know that you are available to meet in the evenings and on the weekends. It is okay to say you are transitioning from another career then talk about all the experience you do have with planning events.

  5. […] long and unpredictable hours that provides needed income for your family, you may need to plan a slow transition into a new career of wedding and event planning. Perhaps you look for a new regular job with more flexible hours or […]

  6. […] This is a fantastic post from Debbie Orwat of Planner’s Lounge. Check it out: Transitioning from your day job to your wedding business. She talks about how it took her years to go full-time in her business also. And, she shares some great tips on how to prepare yourself for that transition. […]

  7. Minh says:

    Thanks for this post! It has put me in the right mind-set to get going with my career!

  8. This post has come at the right time. I’m working full time whilst slowly setting up my wedding planning business in the UK. The thing I am struggling with is whether or not I let clients know that I am not a full time wedding planner but a part time one with a day job?

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Louise and thank you for the comment. I think it is fine to let potential clients know that you are just getting established in your business. You can talk about how you are still working another job but you work extra hard on your business and for your clients. Also, since most clients will work during the day and evening, it could work out fine since your schedule is similar to theirs.

      • Hi Debbie,

        Thank you so much for your reply. My worry is that some clients willo hire a wedding planner as they are so busy with their day job. Surely this might put them off if I have a day job also?

        • Debbie says:

          I don’t think you need to tell potential clients unless they ask. Of course we never want to lie but most potential clients won’t bring it up in the consultation.

        • Lorna says:

          @Louise I noticed that when I became a full time planner & moved to a office, my business changed for the better. One lady told me that if I am full time, I can do what she can’t do at work.

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