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Protect Yourself & Your Confidence

  1. Kathy Kepler says:

    OMG, I cannot believe that you just posted this topic. I am generally a very nice person and I get along with everyone and I have many life long friendships; however, I recently (2 weeks ago), unfriended my cousin from my life. She lives in another state. It was a difficult decision; however, it was time. I was doing exactly what your post said, protecting myself from a very mean, snobby, selfish person who really doesn’t care anything about me or my family. It was a tough decision, but it was time and I feel soooo much better that I made the decision to remove this negative, hurtful person from my life!

  2. […] work harder because you care so much (this is a good thing). On the flip side, it is hard not to take it personally if something goes wrong or if your clients are not 100% happy with your services or ideas. If you […]

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