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Jewish Weddings 101 | Working with a Rabbi or Cantor

  1. Thanks for the great tips for working with a Rabbi at a wedding. I’m marrying a Christian woman, but she said it’d be cool to have a Jewish wedding. Like you said, we didn’t rule out a Rabbi for the ceremony, and now we get to experience it!

  2. Teg says:

    Thanks for all the info!
    I’m getting married this coming summer and I definitely want a rabbi to officiate the wedding… do I NEED a cantor as well though?
    Thank you!

  3. Sandra,
    This is a very good post. A couple of additional comments;
    1. I can’t emphasize checking out the wedding date with the cantor or rabbi. Weddings on shabbat [Friday sundown to Saturday sundown] are difficult to find a Jewish officiant. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and several other times are typically off limits to wedding ceremony.
    2. The table under the chuppah: again check with the officiant for their specifications. Different officiants are going to want that table placed differently.

    Having worked with hundreds of Jewish ceremonies, from both the officiant and planner side, it is very important for planners to reach out to the officiant to include them in the planning of the ceremony. It is much better to know weeks before the wedding their requirements and not to find out at the last minute.

    Anyone attending the ABC annual conference in Palm Beach 2013, I’ll be teaching “The Modern Jewish Wedding” where we will learn about a variety of different rituals and ways to incorporate them into a personalized Jewish wedding.

  4. Sandra,
    Great advice. Especially the part about making sure the table is out of the way!

  5. Gina says:

    Very Helpful Debbie! Thank you

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