} Is Hiring an Associate Planner a Smart Financial Move?

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Is Hiring an Associate Planner a Smart Financial Move?

  1. Hi Debbie! Thought I’d pop in and give my experience with hiring an associate planner. She’s been on my staff for a few years now and has literally helped save my business! She’s actually become a lead planner and we co-plan each full-service event together – her taking most of the coordination while I serve as the overall manager and designer. It was a pay cut, but has been worth it for me in this season of life and we look forward to seeing where the next couple years takes the biz!

  2. Caroline K Wright says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve actually decided to start an associate planner business to assistant planners who don’t have one. I’ve assisted with one particular planner several times and have decided it’s the perfect amount of hands-on (not too much, not too little)

  3. YES! If it’s close to passive (meaning you don’t have to be very involved for $3900) then it’s a great (and profitable) situation. BUT – if you’re putting in several hundreds of hours ‘assisting’ your assistant, then it likely isn’t.

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