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Should You Have an Office Space?

  1. […] working a grueling eight hours, I work on scheduled events for my business at my wedding planning studio. This is usually when I schedule meetings with contracted and potential clients. I am blessed […]

  2. […] you have a place to store decor and rental items or will you need to invest in storage or studio space? If you do not currently have storage space, how will you afford to pay for the space […]

  3. When I first launched my business in January 2013, I did not have an office or shared space. I met clients in highend hotel lobbies, Cafes and occasionally a venue.

    After about 2 yrs in business I had decided for me it was best to have an office space. I have two young daughters and I just found it was about the same costs to not having an office space as to having an office space. The several different locations and drive time, daycare costs, gas and tolls added up quick.

    With an office space I could have one location, space to meet my clients as well as a room my children could be in. I moved into my first office April 2015. I am still in this office two years later (April 2017). It is a shared office with an amazing Photographer and a talented Makeup Artist.

    My use for the space has changed throughout these two years. However the opportunities my business has gained and the flexibility it provides has been well worth the investment and more than itself returned the investment.

    I encourage anyone to look at their true numbers and financials if they are thinking of a space. Yes it takes an investment, however decide how valuable this investment is to your business.

  4. […] It’s dually beneficial because I get to pass on the savings I incur from not having to unnecessarily lease office space on to my […]

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