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Do You Know Your Cash Flow?

  1. […] your money. It’s easy to look at your bank account and see all the deposits stacking up, but how much money do you spend? What happens if deposits stop coming in for a few months? There’s a great book called Profit […]

  2. […] educated on accounting and legal issues or hire someone to help you with accounting, cash flow, pricing your wedding services, and contract […]

  3. […] business, you may consider renting an office or studio space. If you are new to the business or if you aren’t yet turning a steady profit, this isn’t the time to invest in the overhead expense of having an office […]

  4. […] Do You Know Your Cash Flow? […]

  5. […] first time we have ever owned and managed our own business. With ownership comes responsibility for cash flow. We are in charge of booking events to get money in the door. Then we are responsible for paying […]

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