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Wedding Planner Stories 2013

  1. Deborah says:

    Nothing can top the “I don’t eat” story. Wow….The strangest I’ve had is the couple who insisted on having video game music played before their wedding and for the processional…in a church, no less. Imagine the attendants walking down the aisle to “Super Mario Brothers”. Oh, and I forgot the three piece heavy metal band composed of friends of the couple who played the Wedding March. I think I’ve been lucky!

  2. I am a wedding planner performed over 30 weddings, The day before the wedding the grooms mentions to me that some family members have sticky fingers so watch the card box carefully. Long story short , I get a call from the groom the following monday to say a few gift cards were missing and that they think my assistant took the cards because a few guests ID’d her as the person they gave their cards too. As a business owner this is the worst thing that could happen after the wedding and could ruin a business. My assistant didnt take them I believe her 100% its just weird that one guest called the next day to ask ” Hey did you get my gift?”

  3. We had a wedding last year where the guests were throwing coffee creamers at each other. Not the “toss me one because my table is out”, but literally whipping them at each other where they exploded on impact. Talk about an immature, annoying mess. We had to have the DJ make an announcement to “please refrain from throwing coffee creamers or they will be removed from the tables.” Yeesh!

  4. Allie Shane says:

    I had a meeting with the bride and groom I was doing DOC for about 2 weeks before the wedding. We met at the venue, a state park in the LA area. As we were chatting about all the details of the day, two bears started walking up to where we were seated. We panicked obviously! Left all of our stuff at the table we were sitting at and hid up on a high platform. The bears proceeded to eat my starbucks cup, chew on her wedding binder and nibble on my purse! Finally they left! I was sooo panicked there was going to be another bear appearance during the actual wedding but thank goodness the big day was bear-free 🙂

  5. I am a wedding minister and have seen many strange things but nothing beats the slightly, no totally, tipsy, bride who had 300 guest release butterflies at the end of the wedding and then declared, on mic, “Oh shit, they’re all the same color”. My husband said quietly to me, “What did she think this was, a Disney movie?” Also exit music was (really) “First You Jump Jive and Then You Wail”.

  6. Heather Gardner says:

    I was a MOC for an outdoor wedding at a very beautiful Vail hotel. The same weekend as the wedding, there was a big sales convention that happened to also have a “CaddyShack-themed” golf tourney on the same day as the wedding. Despite all assurances from the venue coordinator to prevent these grown-men dressed as movie characters from crashing the wedding, we had a few hiccups.

    Needless to say, as I prepped the bride for her big entrance, I received a call from my assistant stating that the “Gopher” was trying to moon the guests who were seated below the balcony. The “Gopher” was rip-roaring drunk and I told my assistant to find the venue coordinator because I couldn’t leave the bride. We were able to thwart a potential “gopher-mooning” at the last minute and nobody was the wiser.

    That is until all the guests made their way to reception area and saw the Caddyshack characters bellied up to the bar and acting like drunken sailors. We just quietly and expeditiously ushered the guests to the reception area and prayed.

    Never a dull moment!

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