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Wedding Guest Seating Options

  1. […] week, we have shared the types of seating for brides and grooms at weddings and the options for guest seating at weddings. In this final part of our wedding seating series, we are sharing guidelines and tips to help your […]

  2. […] yourself completely from their pettiness by saying, “Leave me out of this,” having open seating and allowing them – and the other attendees – to seat themselves wherever they […]

  3. Tessa Labbe says:

    I want to thank you for all your wonderful advice. I am just getting my feet into this industry, have yet to start my business but am learning lots from you before diving it.
    Thank you

  4. I wanted to mention this blog is really incredible. You have great advice and its such a pleasure to read! I feel as if I could sit here all day! Last year I had a cocktail style reception (my first) and what we ran into was guests seemed to rush to the food stations (preventing the caterer from being able to keep up with replenishing-this was a new caterer in a very tiny kitchen withe exceptionally limited prep space) then at the end having lots of untouched food sitting out. I almost felt as if the guests felt they weren’t going to get to eat so they all stood in line waiting and waiting. We did have the Officiant announce the “style” of the reception, along with having an itinerary/menu about to explain food would be coming out over a 2 hour period. But still guests seemed to just rush the food stations (there were two). I also walked around the food stations explaining the food would be coming out for 2 hours (especially as guests waiting in angst for the next plate of something that had ran out to come out). I am curious if you have any suggestions for a better flowing event of this kind? Does it come down to even more food stations, passed horderves (which were actually suppose to happen but hey ended up being exceptionally under staffed)? Better signage. I would love the advice! Thank you!

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Christina and thank you for the compliment! In the situation with stations, it may help to have more food stations as well as passed appetizers. Or perhaps a short cocktail hour prior to the reception where passed appetizers are served. I also love to do a plated salad first then open up the food stations. Then guests are more relaxed, less hungry and visit the food stations when they are done with the salad course (instead of all at the same time).

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