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  1. Thanks for your encouragement Debbie. I’m in a big transition stage for my business and I REALLY needed to hear this. After three years of planning, I’ve learned an incredible amount about my capabilities and what I love to do and don’t.

  2. Great, supportive post Debbie. I think its hard when you are no longer a “new” planner and you start to realize there are aspects of your business that you are no longer excited about or may be discouraged that you are not at the point where you had once envisioned you would be by now. I had to give myself permission to dissolve my old, weddings only, focused business, Precious Moments Weddings and Events, and start something fresh doing only the things that I love. I now am focusing more on event design and party supplies and stylings for children’s parties, showers, and still a little bit of weddings, through my new business, Little Bird Celebrations. These smaller parties may not make me as much profit, and people may not think that they are as “important” as weddings, but they are little celebrations that I have fun planning and my clients really enjoy the results of. I think we all need to give ourselves permission sometimes to change and grow, even if not in the direction we purposefully were moving towards.

    • Debbie says:

      Katie, thank you so much for sharing this. It is wonderful that you recognized the need to change your business to better fit what you are passionate about. Kuddos to you and thank you for taking time to comment!

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