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How to Spruce Up an Ugly Venue

  1. Our client celebrated her 40th birthday using a church basement. It had this dark green wallpaper and all pine wood walls with little lightning. We suggested that they remove the wallpaper and paint the walls with a lighter color paint. They were looking for a gift to give the church so they ended up having a gorgeous room and also giving something back that others will use. It turned out great.

  2. Mary Mullen says:

    Love this advice. Thank you Mary

  3. Oh the dreaded ugly venue! When a client first mentions a particular venue and it’s at that banquet hall I dislike (with a passion), I cringe and want to run but I tell myself, Roxanne, you can make this happen! I tell the clients to focus on the positives and stop trying to conceal every flaw. Yes, the ceiling is super low but dumping thousands of dollars in draping will inevitably make the ceiling even lower. Put the head table in front of that gorgeous window. Use that really cool sculpture as the cake stand. There’s a balcony, cool! Use it as a lounge area. You saved money on the venue, awesome, now splurge on that really awesome band that plays downtown. Guests will inevitably pay attention to those killer details (“wow, that band at Richard’s wedding was spectacular!”) and will hardly notice the wall to wall paisley carpet.

  4. I had to do a baby shower in a community room with hideous chairs, low ceilings, and exposed pipes. I added paper lanterns through out the venue and made sure the centerpieces on the table were unique and noticeable. It helped to focus on the table setting and not the venue.

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