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How to Get on Preferred Vendor Lists

  1. […] company generated 300-400 inquiries per year. We also had other sources of leads such as being on preferred vendor lists, referrals from past clients, and 2 paid advertising […]

  2. […] a venue to put you on a preferred vendor list or to recommend you to their clients takes more than an email: you need to put some effort out and […]

  3. Olivia says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Would you recommend offering a complementary service, if you are starting and dont have a long list of past experience?

  4. I work for a full service printing company. We create custom wedding invitations, reply cards, envelopes, signs, banners, place setting cards, branded clothing, you name it. How do I add my business to a list of preferred vendors? I would love to help brides and grooms.

    • Kimberly, you would reach out to vendors including planners to show what you offer. It also helps immensely to attend local wedding industry events in your area so you can start to build relationships with vendors who can refer you.

  5. Malika says:

    Hello – I have a unique situation. I have a great relationship with a wonderful local vendor! They want to send their brides to me for coordination and planning because that is not what they specialize in. But because they do event design they always get stuck doing the little details on day of and want to pass that to me! Is there a more legit way to set up this agreement in terms of sending the referrals to me ? Should there be a contract? Help!! This would be a great opportunity if I can figure this one out!


    • Malika, it depends on if you are working under their company or your company name. Also, are they paying you or is the client paying you? It would be a good idea to consult with an attorney to get advice on how to handle this.

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