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Working with Event Planning Interns

  1. I’ve worked with event interns on a few occasions. Unfortunately I believe that organizations and businesses often look at interns as “free labour” and they do take advantage of the situation. I love that this post reminds us the importance of an internship – the reason the intern is there, is to learn!

    If you don’t have time to spend teaching an intern, then its best to not take them on. However, I think interns provide a win-win situation for a lot of small businesses that do have time to teach them and allow them to grow, but at the same time, the skills that the intern develops, then benefit the business that they’re interning with.

    I find it difficult to find the right fit when searching for an intern – as a small business owner, letting anyone into your small business is such a challenge but when you do find the right fit – its so rewarding!

  2. Shanae says:

    Hello, I am a recent college grad ans I have done a number of unpaid internships and while I was thankful for the opportunity it would of been nice to receive some compensation. Most college student has loans and expenses. I am starting my own firm, and if I get interns I will have to pay them. I think it is fair.

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