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Etiquette for GLBTQ Weddings

  1. YesMyBride says:

    At the end of the day, GLBTQ couples are no different from any other couple you’ve worked with, it’s just a matter of identifying what they need and finding a way to make it happen in time for the big day.

  2. Wendy says:

    As a wedding planner and member of The LGBT community, welcome all couples both gay and straight. The majority of my couples are straight, but I have done both types.

    The few that were gay, were not all that different than a traditional ceremony. One was even done in a Catholic Church by a priest. As the article states, it is important to ask the couple how the couple would like to be referred. be honest and upfront with this question.

    In our case, we took it a little tongue in cheek. I was referred to as the bride or bride 1 and my wife was the “broom” or bride 2. We also had “best girls” and attendants.

    If anyone in the planners lounge has questions, I would be happy to help. Just FB message me anytime.

    Good luck!

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