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Building Relationships with Other Event Planners

  1. Judith says:

    Great article!

    I definitely see both sides, some planners/designers have the “following” and lack in the creativity department, while others have the creativity with no big followings. It’s frustrating to watch some replicate your work exact without adding their spin on it or giving proper credit. I was able to make a few associates in the industry and respect their work and talent. How many times we see a planner/designer with a private account on Instagram? Love the ideas on how to connect. And If there’s anyone in South Florida that want to link up for a hot macchiato with extra shot of vanilla, I’m here. 😉

  2. Hello Planners Lounge,

    Thanks for all the great articles and for a place to go for high-quality information! This article is very foundational to how I want to run my new floral design business launching in late August of this year. High-quality relationships are so vital and make the business experience so much richer. I want to work with others I respect, trust, and can endorse without reservation. It is so essential to build a genuine, high-quality team (not just a “network) that will last long-term and be mutually enjoyable as well as beneficial. This will pour over into my customer service and add joy to the cycle rather than negativity.

    Selah Cohen, Innovate Floral

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