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Accepting Commissions: The Easy Answer

  1. […] Debbie from The Wedding Planners Lounge:   says “If an event planner is taking commissions or kickbacks without their client’s […]

  2. Margi says:

    What do you think a new event planner should charge for their services? I have planned and coordinated 3 wedding, 3 bridal showers and baby showers. I have also planned and coordinated multiple corporate events for a small company. As I am officially starting my business, I thought $350 would be good for just initial vendor meetings and negotiations. If the client wants more extensive services $600. What are your thoughts and do you think I should negotiate my charges and services?

    Thank you!

  3. Well said, when I set up my business I decided from the word go that I do not take ” kick backs ” and as a professional wedding planner I get the best fit for the Bride and Groom, at the end of the day one must decide who are you working for your self and your clients or your suppliers!

  4. Delphine says:

    Hi Everybody ! I’m new here as I’m launching my “destination wedding planner activity” for french speakers. I read your post about “Accepting Commissions : The Easy Answer” and I have a question… I saw big american destination wedding websites who offer services for free as they are only paid by commissions.
    How is it possible to compete with them ? I don’t want to push some venues to get comissions but choose the suitable ones for my clients instead? Do you have some tips for me? Thank you! Delphine

    • Delphine, it depends on how you structure your business. There are many destination wedding planners who charge for their services and don’t take commissions. If you communicate this clearly to your clients so they understand the huge value you provide as their advocate (without taking outside commissions), you can have a successful business.

  5. […] Debbie from The Wedding Planners Lounge:   says “If an event planner is taking commissions or kickbacks without their client’s […]

  6. Great post, I totally agree! Just like Desiree I don’t take any commissions or kickbacks but I work with my vendors on a discount program for my couples instead (that makes them very happy).
    This is a sad reality happening very often, vendors refer each other just because of commissions involved, not because of their professionalism, reliability, knowledge and experience. The couple is ultimately the victim, they will realize that the chosen vendors were not the right ones only after the wedding and it will be too late to go back…

  7. Desiree says:

    Well said! I teach this to my wedding & event planning students. Like you said, if the client is unaware that you accept commissions…it is unethical. I ask my vendors to extend the “commission” to my clients as the “Desiree Discount”. Clients love the decrease in cost and I love the referrals I receive from them. GREAT POST!

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