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The Complete Wedding Budget Guide for Wedding Planners

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Handling thousands of dollars of your clients’ money is a huge responsibility. It’s important to be knowledgeable about what things cost, how to save money, and how to compensate if your clients make bad decisions.

This comprehensive guide and budget planning template teaches event planners many of the details of creating and managing a client’s wedding budget.

You will learn how to create accurate wedding budget projections, set ground rules with clients regarding the budget, set budget priorities, set expectations with clients, key wedding budget busters, smart wedding budget boosters, communicating the budget to vendors, how to review the budget with clients, and more!

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A 40-page comprehensive guidebook

The Complete Wedding Budget Guide for Wedding Planners was written by two expert event planners: Debbie Orwat, Founder of Planner’s Lounge, and Susan Southerland, Founder of Just Events! Group and Between Debbie and Susan, they have more than 30 years of experience planning weddings and managing wedding budgets.

Chapters in this ebook include how to get started with wedding budgets, setting ground rules with your clients regarding the budget, setting budget priorities, setting expectations with clients, wedding budget busters, wedding budget boosters, communicating the budget to vendors, creating the budget estimate, and more.

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A professional Excel wedding budget spreadsheet template 

This template makes it easy to add, remove, change, and update as you go through the planning process for a wedding. The wedding budget template comes in both an Excel version and a Google Sheets version.

This wedding budget template was coded by a professional programmer exclusively for Planner’s Lounge.

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Printable budget priorities worksheet

This worksheet will help you and your clients set priorities and determine what to include in the wedding budget.

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Budget Priorities Worksheet in PDF format (1 page)
Professional Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Template
Comprehensive Book in PDF format (40 pages)

Complete budget guide

*Planner’s Lounge and Savvy Spreadsheets are not responsible for the proper functioning of the spreadsheets once they have been modified by you.

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"I highly recommend it to wedding planners!"

The Complete Wedding Budget Guide is full of great information and tools. I highly recommend it to wedding planners! I've come across many wedding planners that don't realize the depth of the liability, record keeping, and time management that is involved when you offer this service. The budget busters section is a great resource, as these are often overlooked and can really add up, causing "priority" items to be downsized or the budget having to be increased towards the end because they were not accounted for.” -Carmen Mesa, Owner Carmen Mesa Events

"I love the priority checklist sheet!"

“I love the priority checklist sheet! Having the clients fill this out helps to create a realistic picture of what is important to them and helps the planner make recommendations within their budget, or show them how much it will take to create what they want. The budget Excel template is easy to use and I like that you are able to add line items per category, as needed.”

The Complete Wedding Budget Guide product is fully electronic. After purchasing, you will receive immediate access to download all of the files to start using today.

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It works with Excel 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016. There is also a simpler version of the template included that can be imported into Google Drive and/or Google Sheets.

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If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. Click here to see the full table of contents.

Who is this product for?

You can use the Excel budget spreadsheets for all your clients. 

Who is this product for?
Can I change the colors and logo on the Excel budget template?

Currently, you cannot change the colors or logo on the Excel version of the spreadsheet template. We are working on an updated version where you can update the colors and remove the Planner's Lounge logo. You can update the colors and logo on the Google Sheets version.

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Please save the product files to a safe location immediately after your purchase. We recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox for free online storage. You can also download the zip file and email it to yourself, then keep that email for future use. We do not reissue files or links for the Wedding Budget Guide product.

Who is this product for?

All levels of wedding planners! If you are new to owning an event planning business, this checklist will give you a great foundation to build your business.

If you are an experienced business owner, the checklist will give you an easy way to get those business tasks out of your head and into your calendar or business management software, saving you time and brain space!

The Complete Wedding Budget Guide gives you the specifics

on creating a detailed budget projection, how to avoid critical mistakes, ways to save money, and why it’s so important to have an accurate budget BEFORE doing any planning or vendor bookings.

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