End of Year Review

Whether you have your own business or not, take time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t work for you in the past year.  This includes your professional career successes (and not-so-successful-ventures) along with your achievements in education, relationships, personal growth, health and finances.  If you are an entrepreneur, this is especially important.  It’s easy to get so busy working IN your business and with clients that we forget to work ON our business and on ourselves.

In the past, I’ve set goals and made decisions at the end of each year but never did a formal review for myself until last year.  Over the past few weeks, I have been reviewing my own review from last year. It has been wonderful to acknowledge the accomplishments I am most proud, what I would have done differently and what my intentions are for 2013.

What are the best decisions you made in 2012?  What are three things you need to do less of in 2013?  You can download the Annual Review Template and evaluate yourself.  When my review is done,  I am going to post it next to my desk and set a reminder to check in with myself every three months.  I invite you to share your review with your business partner, friend or a peer.

If you are looking for more guidance and ideas for doing an end-of-year review with your significant other or with your whole family, Kate Northrup wrote a great post on this a few weeks ago. You may also like the way Chris Brogan does it with defining three words that inspire the next year.

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